Example English - Japanese sentences tagged with 'jealousy'

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He was jealous of his wife.彼は妻を嫉妬した。
I'm jealous that you have a good boss.いい上司で羨ましいですね。
You must not be jealous of others' success.他人の成功をねたんではならない。
Chris recognized the boy from his math class and became very jealous.クリスはその男の子が同じ数学のクラスの人だと分かり、とても焼もちを焼きました。
The other girls are jealous of Lily because she is extremely pretty.リリーがとてもかわいいので、他の女子たちは彼女をねたんでいる。
Mr Brown is jealous of his colleague's success.ブラウン氏は同僚の成功をねたましく思っている。
Everybody was jealous of my success.みんなが私の成功をねたんだ。
A jealous person gets a feeling of contentment by behaving like a dog in the manger even with his friends.嫉妬深い人は、友達にすら、意地悪をして、満足感を得る。
Obviously, his companions were jealous of his wealth.彼の仲間は明らかに彼の裕福さを妬んでいた。
He was jealous of my success.彼は私の成功を妬んだ。
The other girls are jealous of Lily because she is extremely pretty.リリーがとてもきれいなのでほかの女子生徒はねたんでいる。
I suppose I felt a little jealous.少し嫉妬深く感じたと思う。
I myself was not conscious of it, but I may have been jealous of his success.私は自分では意識しなかったが、彼の成功に嫉妬していたかもしれない。
He is getting far too familiar with my wife.彼は私の妻になれなれしすぎだ。
I suppose I felt a little jealous.すこし嫉妬深く感じたように思う。
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