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Suru is one of the only two irregular Japanese verbs. It can be combined with verbs of chinese origin and other loan words to form compound verbs.
Verb ClassIrregular
Stemsu -
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Present Indicative Plain setsumei suru
setsumei shinai
Polite setsumei shimasu
setsumei shimasen
Past Indicative Plain setsumei shita
setsumei shinakatta
Polite setsumei shimashita
setsumei shimasen deshita
Presumptive Plain setsumei shiyō
setsumei suru darō
setsumei shinai darō
Polite setsumei shimashō
setsumei suru deshō
setsumei shinai deshō
Past Presumptive Plain setsumei shitarō
setsumei shita darō
setsumei shinakatta darō
Polite setsumei shimashitarō
setsumei shinakatta deshō
Present Progressive Plain
Polite setsumei shite imasu
setsumei shite imasen
Past Progressive Plain
Polite setsumei shite imashita
setsumei shite imasen deshita
Provisional Plain setsumei sureba
setsumei shinakereba
Polite setsumei shimaseba
setsumei shimasureba
setsumei shimasen nara
Conditional Plain setsumei shitara
setsumei shinakattara
Polite setsumei shimashitara
setsumei shimasen deshitara
Potential Plain setsumei dekiru
setsumei dekinai
Polite setsumei dekimasu
setsumei dekimasen
Causative Plain setsumei saseru
Imperative Plain setsumei shiro
setsumei suruna
Polite setsumei shite kudasai
setsumei shinaide kudasai
Passive Plainsareru