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Verb Class1 ~ Godan ~ 五段
Stemguchir -
Te formguchitte
    grumble, will grumble don't grumble, won't grumble
Present Indicative Plain guchiru guchiranai
Polite guchirimasu guchirimasen
    lets grumble, will probably grumble let's not grumble, probably won't grumble
Presumptive \ Volitional Plain guchirō
guchiru darō
guchiranai darō
Polite guchirimashō
guchiru deshō
guchiranai deshō
    grumble! don't grumble!
Imperative Plain guchire guchiru na
Politeguchitte kudasai guchiranai de kudasai
Past Indicative Plain guchitta guchiranakatta
Polite guchirimashita guchirimasen deshita
Past Presumptive Plain guchittarō
guchitta darō
guchiranakatta darō
Polite guchitta deshō guchiranakatta deshō
Present Progressive Plain guchitte iru
Polite guchitte imasu guchitte imasen
Past Progressive Plain guchitte ita
Polite guchitte imashita guchitte imasen deshita
Provisional Conditional eba Plain guchireba guchiranakereba
Polite n/a n/a
Conditional (-tara form) Plain guchittara guchiranakattara
Polite guchirimashitara guchirimasen deshitara
Potential Plain guchireru guchirenai
Polite guchiremasu guchiremasen
Causative Plain guchiraseru guchirasenai
Polite guchirasemasu guchirasemasen
Passive Plain guchirareru guchirarenai
Polite guchiraremasu guchiraremasen
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