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Verb Class1 ~ Godan ~ 五段
Stemkoras - , korash-
Te formkorashite
Present Indicative Plainkorasu korasanai
Politekorashimasu korashimasen
Presumptive \ Volitional Plain korasō
korasu darō
korasanai darō
Polite korashimashō
korasu deshō
korasanai deshō
Imperative Plainkorase korasu na
Politekorashite kudasai korasanai de kudasai
Past Indicative Plainkorashita korasanakatta
Politekorashimashita korashimasen deshita
Past Presumptive Plain korashitarō
korashita darō
korasanakatta darō
Polite korashita deshō korasanakatta deshō
Present Progressive Plain korashite iru
Politekorashite imasu korashite imasen
Past Progressive Plain korashite ita
Politekorashite imashita korashite imasen deshita
Provisional Conditional eba Plain koraseba korasanakereba
Polite korashimaseba
korashimasen nara
Conditional (-tara form) Plainkorashitara korasanakattara
Politekorashimashitara korashimasen deshitara
Potential Plainkoraseru korasenai
Politekorasemasu korasemasen
Causative Plainkorasaseru korasasenai
Politekorasasemasu korasasemasen
Passive Plainkorasareru korasarenai
Politekorasaremasu korasaremasen
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