Verb Class2
Stemtabe -
Te formtabete
Present Indicative Plaintaberutabenai
Presumptive Plain tabeyō
taberu darō
tabenai darō
Polite tabemashō
taberu deshō
tabenai deshō
Imperative Plaintabero taberu na
Politetabete kudasai tabenai de kudasai
Past Indicative Plaintabetatabenakatta
Politetabemashitatabemasen deshita
Past Presumptive Plain tabetarō
tabeta darō
tabenakatta darō
Polite tabeta deshōtabenakatta deshō
Present Progressive Plain tabete iru
Politetabete imasu tabete imasen
Past Progressive Plain tabete ita
Politetabete imashita tabete imasen deshita
Provisional Plain tabereba tabenakereba
Polite tabemaseba
tabemasen nara
Conditional Plaintabetara tabenakattara
Politetabemashitara tabemasen deshitara
Potential Plaintaberareru taberarenai
Politetaberaremasu taberaremasen
Causative Plaintabesaseru tabesasenai
Politetabesasemasu tabesasemasen
Passive Plaintaberareru taberarenai
Politetaberaremasu taberaremasen
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Example sentences

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Example Sentences for Japanese verb taberu

Is there anything you can't eat?Taberarenai mono ga arimasu ka
Please try the SushiOsushi tabete mite kudasai

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