Verb Class1
Stemhashir -
Te formhashitte
Present Indicative Plainhashiruhashiranai
Presumptive Plain hashirō
hashiru darō
hashiranai darō
Polite hashirimashō
hashiru deshō
hashiranai deshō
Imperative Plainhashire hashiru na
Politehashitte kudasai hashiranai de kudasai
Past Indicative Plainhashittahashiranakatta
Politehashirimashitahashirimasen deshita
Past Presumptive Plain hashittarō
hashitta darō
hashiranakatta darō
Polite hashitta deshōhashiranakatta deshō
Present Progressive Plain hashitte iru
Politehashitte imasu hashitte imasen
Past Progressive Plain hashitte ita
Politehashitte imashita hashitte imasen deshita
Provisional Plain hashireba hashiranakereba
Polite hashirimaseba
hashirimasen nara
Conditional Plainhashittara hashiranakattara
Politehashirimashitara hashirimasen deshitara
Potential Plainhashireru hashirenai
Politehashiremasu hashiremasen
Causative Plainhashiraseru hashirasenai
Politehashirasemasu hashirasemasen
Passive Plainhashirareru hashirarenai
Politehashiraremasu hashiraremasen
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