Verb Class1
Stemhatarak -
Te formhataraite
Present Indicative Plainhatarakuhatarakanai
Presumptive Plain hatarakō
hataraku darō
hatarakanai darō
Polite hatarakimashō
hataraku deshō
hatarakanai deshō
Imperative Plainhatarake hataraku na
Politehataraite kudasai hatarakanai de kudasai
Past Indicative Plainhataraitahatarakanakatta
Politehatarakimashitahatarakimasen deshita
Past Presumptive Plain hataraitarō
hataraita darō
hatarakanakatta darō
Polite hataraita deshōhatarakanakatta deshō
Present Progressive Plain hataraite iru
Politehataraite imasu hataraite imasen
Past Progressive Plain hataraite ita
Politehataraite imashita hataraite imasen deshita
Provisional Plain hatarakeba hatarakanakereba
Polite hatarakimaseba
hatarakimasen nara
Conditional Plainhataraitara hatarakanakattara
Politehatarakimashitara hatarakimasen deshitara
Potential Plainhatarakeru hatarakenai
Politehatarakemasu hatarakemasen
Causative Plainhatarakaseru hatarakasenai
Politehatarakasemasu hatarakasemasen
Passive Plainhatarakareru hatarakarenai
Politehatarakaremasu hatarakaremasen
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